20 January 2012

Fairytale? Seriously?

Totally different than my works before.

What do You think?
Which illustrations do You preffer?


  1. i'm sorry but before you publish your works you should really REALLY REALLY work on your technique and skills of drawing in general.
    They seem very unskilled and not very neat.

    I keep my fingers crossed though.
    Good luck!

  2. Hi,
    I am very glad that You leave Your opinion.
    I know that sometimes they are good and sometimes not. Many people like my style and line. In this blog You can not say am I draw good or not. More of works drawed by pencil or ink You can find on my behance portfolio (http://behance.net/alexinarts). Here You can find my works only in this style which publishers like :)
    Thank you again
    Best regards